Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cloud Cosply Costume

The last time I have introduced a set of his costume,if you read it,I think you have known this,but if not,it doesn't matter,actually,this costume I will introduce in the following is almost the same as the one I introduces the last time,just the color and the style is slightly different,you can see the photos in the left side and details.
Cloud Strife Costume
This one is looser than the previous one,actually this one is the first version we made,later,we think this one can be created more similar to the original version,so we design the new one,that is the one I wrote in the previous blog.Everyone has its own taste on the two costumes,you can just choose the one you like,no matter the looser one or the tighter one.
For the including parts,this costume also includes the top,belt,pants and gloves shown in the picture,the fabric is also the same as the previous new one,which is made of pleather and cotton.
In my opinion,I think the two versions are all cool and hard to choose,I like them all.So if anyone also like it,you can just go and let it be yours,then you can become a cool Cloud.

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